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"Having my Income Statement done every month has been a tremendous help in allowing to see how my business is doing, and to help me make management decisions. I used just guess when I thought I made some heavy deposits. Your monthly reports let me see the big picture and make me a more capable business owner."

-Arnold L.
Rockland County

"One of the best I love about having a bookkeeping service like yours is the ability to use as much, or as little as I need. There are times of the year when I don't need a lot of hours dedicated to paying bills, but in my busiest time of the year I could use twice as many as normal. It's great you adjust your bookkeeping service to the needs of your clients."

-Corey A.
Manhattan, NYC

"I started off using the accounts receivable service because I have a lot of clients with numerous invoices. As a small-business owner, I found it difficult to keep up with what clients owed me, and if I billed them or not. One of my fears had always been when I client called me to verify his statements. Often, my own recording keeping was wrong. It was an embarrassing way to maintain clients. I was surprised how little the accounts receivable cost. It was far less than hiring someone full time, and I found it paid for itself in my first month.

There were many services, we were doing that didn't get billed. Bookkeeping NYC brought my client's accounts receivable up to date and gave me a fresh new start towards a more professional relationship with my clients. Since then, I have expanded to many of their other services too. They are professional, polite with my employee and business relations, and their monthly reports are amazing. I was able to take the next step in my business without having to make a giant leap."

-Morris Pelphner

"I was recommend to this service through a professional business acquaintance, and I have to say I am so happy I decided to use this company and their accounts payable service in NYC. We used to pay and manage our accounts payable by hand. When we started with the service, they helped us organize and get our accounts payable up to date. Then they implemented a system that made it much easier for us to manage when we pay our bills by matching invoice due dates to our account receivables. Their process worked perfectly.

Today, we upgraded to digital books, and our financial cash flow is a pleasure to manage. I know in advance when receivables will not cover the payables, and I have time to adjust how invoices will be paid. Conversely, I also know when there is a surplus, often months in advance, which allows me to take advantage of volume discounts on products and services I routinely purchase. What a difference it is having my company managed by Bookkeeping NYC! They come as highly recommended to you as they did to me."

-Cassandra Lee
Nassau County

"Having learned from experience, payroll is not something I ever wanted to get behind with again. While I don't have any issues paying the people that work so hard for me, the process requires too much of my time to do it accurately, efficiently, and stay caught up with withholding taxes. Bookkeeping NYC was the answer to my prayers. I don't have to try and track down employees for their hours, nor do I have to sort through all my sticky notes of payroll adjustments in regard to sick days or vacation days. They handle the entire process for me. And I never to worry about getting behind on my depositing my withholdings. Having my payroll professionally done was one of the smartest business decisions I ever made."

-Becky Wood

"I used to used to cringe on the day my accountants came to my office to do their  quarterly reports. Now I look forward to it, and your bookkeeping service is the difference! Having everything done right up to the general ledger makes my audits a breeze, and I save money on their hourly rate. Your service almost pays for itself."

-May D.
Nassau County

"I love that I can focus on the day-to-day management of my business without worrying about the giant pile of paperwork that was growing on my desk. Now I don't lose any important paperwork, and I sincerely enjoy the peace of mind I get in knowing my books are professionally managed for me. Thank you for your great service!"

-Hillary D.
Bergen, NJ
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