Bookkeeping Services in NYC by Certified Public Accountants

Bookkeeping Services in NYC by Certified Public Accountants

Accounting Services in NYC and the Surrounding Area

We provide expert bookkeeping services for NYC, Manhattan, NJ in Bergen County, Westchester County, Rockland County and Nassau County in Long Island. Our experienced bookkeepers can meet you at your business or download your data to our secure location for more efficient processing.

We offer a cost effective alternative to having to deal with all the paperwork that comes with running a business.  You're great at what you do why do you have to be great at Accounting to run a business?  Errors can be costly and time consuming to fix and occur frequently when people without accounting backgrounds handle company financials.  Just like the result of me wiring my electricity wouldn't be the same quality as the work performed by the electrician I hired. Our staff can help you with:
We offer the solution that allows you to hang up your Accounting hat, throw away the calculators and paper clips and sleep a little easier knowing that a trustworthy, dependable person is handling your financials.  Our qualified bookkeepers have experience that can benefit other aspects of your company besides the accounting and organizational skills we offer with bookkeeping which is explained in more detail on the business planning page.

Method of Bookkeeping Services

Our other services encompass a wide range of business needs for your company and these services, such as accounts payable and accounts receivable services, allow us to prepare detailed records for your company.  However, we realize some of our clients may simply be looking for basic data entry services for their company.  Is your desire to have your major business transactions recorded, such as revenue and expenses, in a bookkeeping software program so you can track your income and expenses and compute your company's tax liability for the year? 
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"I used to hate doing all of my monthly bookkeeping, in fact, I still do. I need all the time I can get to run and manage my business. I can't express enough the peace of mind I have since I have been using your bookkeeping service.

Not only is your work accurate to the penny, I am never behind in my payable, receivable, payroll and taxes due responsibilities."

-J. Canon
New York City
Accounting Services in NYC and the Surrounding Area
A bookkeeping service is perfect if you're a business owner who wants to get the job done, pay whatever vendors you owe and at the end of the year pay the government what is owed to them without going into the level of detail where you monitor your customer's payment history and the outstanding payables of your company. We can perform the mundane task of recording your transactions on a cash basis if this describes you and the way you wish to handle your company's financials.  

The cash basis method of accounting is acceptable for private businesses and is the simpler method of accounting (when compared to the accrual method of accounting). 

Under the cash basis method, income is recognized when cash is received, not when the service is performed and expenses are recognized when paid, not when the expense is incurred. 
For example, if you're a plumber and you service a house and leave the customer with an invoice on January 2nd but the customer doesn't pay the invoice until February 10th, under the cash method the service revenue would be entered on February 10th.   .

Company Setup

We'll set your company up with an automated bookkeeping service. This includes creating the financial accounts you'll need to record your business transactions.  Each company is different and having a customized chart of accounts is the solution we offer for you.  The chart of accounts is a listing of all financial accounts (i.e., revenue, expenses, assets and liabilities) that your company posts it's transactions to.  

For example, if you're an electrician you'll have sales revenue for the income you receive by selling parts to your customers and service revenue for the income you receive for the services you provide.  Your expenses include the parts you've purchased from your vendors, rent expense (assuming you don't work from your home), utilities, salaries (if you have additional employees), and any other business related costs.  We guarantee the accurate recording of all of your business transactions will be done timely and efficiently.  

Providing Us Your Company Information

On a weekly or monthly basis (or other frequency is available upon request), we'll retrieve your company's records via the method agreed upon at the inception of our contract.  The methods of data transmittal are listed below:
  • Onsite data entry: the benefit of this option is that our qualified bookkeeper is there to answer any questions that you or your staff may have.
  • Client pick up:  We can arrange for your information to be picked up by one of our staff members at a small additional charge of $10.00 plus tolls and mileage.
  • Data transmittal:  You can scan the necessary documents and send them to our office via fax or email.  
We'd be able to discuss the methods of providing your company information to us in more detail to help you determine which method works best for you.  

It is our policy to destroy all documents received from clients to protect client confidentiality and therefore request that copies always be sent to our office.  No original documents will be accepted.  Please write "COPY" on the document to as a confirmation an original document was not sent. 

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We specialize in adapting our accounting services to the exact needs of your business today, and are positioned to grow as your business grows. Please contact us for a free consultation.
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