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NYC Bookkeeping services is a New York based bookkeeping company providing an efficient and cost effective solution to your company’s bookkeeping needs. Our Certified Public Accountants make certain you’re financial records are kept current and accurately reflect your company’s business position. We’ll transition your company’s current method of maintaining your financial records into an organized method of record keeping.
The founder of NYC Bookkeeping service is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) with extensive audit experience. Auditing is a field that performs an in-depth review of business processes in order to identify weaknesses in existing processes. Once a weakness is identified, the Auditor works with the client to determine what action management will take to correct the identified problems.

The background in audit has helped the founder create a method on how to approach the services provided by NYC Bookkeeping; we perform an in-depth review of your company’s processes and determine which processes we can provide services for. Whether it is accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll or some other process, we’ll determine what improvements can be made to the existing process your company performs and offer realistic service solutions. Our services can help solve problems your company has been dealing with (i.e., slow collection of accounts receivable) or simply help foster greater efficiency for your company.
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Intuit Quickbooks Certified User
"I love that I can focus on the day-to-day management of my business without worrying about the paperwork that was growing on my desk. I enjoy the peace of mind I get in knowing my books are professionally managed for me. Thank you for your great service!"
-Hillary D.
Bergen, N
Certified Public Accountants
Our NYC bookkeepers accounting experience provides our clients with the ease of knowing they’ve trusted their company’s financial records with the right people. We have a solid foundation of experience with working in corporate America and have gained significant knowledge on not only Accounting fundamentals, but also an understanding of business operations and how each aspect of a business pieces together. In order to run a business smoothly, every piece must work together and be properly handled.

We don’t look at each service separately but rather your business as a whole; even if you only take advantage of a few services, our bookkeepers make sure to obtain a general understanding of your business from end to end.
We apply a consistent approach to our bookkeeping services. We believe to do the job right we must focus on all aspects of the business, big and small, and create a plan that can best utilize our resources to help your company. No task is unimportant to us because we realize that the small tasks can contribute significantly to the end result – smooth operations and accurate financial records. Here are some reasons to consider outsourcing bookkeeping to our firm:
  • Save time that can be focused on other aspects of your business
  • You don’t need to hire a bookkeeper, saving your company significant amount of money by avoiding the payroll and associated costs
  • Financial records are kept up-to date.  You no longer have to worry that you’ll get behind on your record keeping because we’ll handle it for you
  • Certainty that your records are accurate
  • Greater visibility into your company’s position from the reports we provide to our clients
Our professional approach to your business needs is accompanied with a friendly demeanor; we make it our priority to make sure all our customers feel comfortable with not only our services, but our staff as well. Our success is dependent on our client’s satisfaction and we realize that the connection we form with you is only as good as the relationship we create. We make a point to customize your services to tailor your specific needs and will work with you to determine what exactly that is. Our objective is to provide the type of service to you that satisfy your needs and help foster your company’s continual success.

We’re an American based company that strives not only on our success but the success of our clients. With the increase in outsourcing taking place in our society, we’re proud to offer services that can remain in the U.S. and help create jobs by helping you create an environment where your business can grow.  

We’re a growing business that offers competitive pricing for our clients. Our pricing is structured on a client by client basis with some standard packages available for those who need basic services. If your business needs requires a customized service package, we will work with you to establish a customized pricing structure.  

Our communication is continual and we’ll gladly adjust your services as changes in your business requires; whether that is an addition or reduction in services. We’re well aware that business is constantly changing and we will change with yours. 

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